We have had our 90 year old mom with dementia at Walden’s View for quite a few months now and are happy here. We’ve been to a couple other places & Walden’s was the best. The open common area is designed to look like a small community neighborhood which is welcoming & spacious yet small enough for those with memory problems to feel safe and secure. Patients are never restrained so they can walk or wander or push their wheel chair through the various rooms set up to look like a store, a religious area, arts & crafts room, a movie theater, and ice cream shop. The television in the center lobby is large and the lobby itself has plenty of room for seating & visitors. With two nurses stations at 90 degree angles of each other, there are always eyes on the residents in the lobby. Family involvement is encouraged. 

Outside entertainment is provided at least monthly and the residents really respond positively to that. There is an outdoor space just off the lobby where you can take your loved one to get fresh air. It has a long walkway with a covered gazebo and benches. There are several small dining areas to reduce the confusion of a large cafeteria. Staff are always available to help with meals. The main activities director has things for the residents to do including things such as playing beach ball, baking cookies, playing games, doing puzzles and the like.  She provides refreshments each afternoon & does a great job engaging with the residents. Tabatha, the director, is hands-on and easily available to discuss care issues. The staff consists of med techs and aides and they do a good job especially considering the challenges of caring for those with difficult physical & memory problems. We have gotten to know most of the staff and a number of the residents so it feels like our new family. : )

From the family of Mary Z